Cabins And Bathrooms
Cabins And Bathrooms
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. Three different volumes: 55, 120 and 250 liters

. Temperature operating range: Ambient temperature + 5.0 ° C to 80 ° C

. Optimum incubation conditions for drying and heating

. Wide range of applications: Food, biotechnology, biology, microbiology laboratories, medical and veterinary, pharmaceutical industry quality control and research

. Microprocessor control system

. 6 line LCD display with LED display for temperature and time

. Easy programming with push-button

. Programmable; easy control panel with temperature, alarm, delayed start, stop when power fails

. Many chemical resistant and easy to clean stainless steel cells

. Triple insulation with excellent temperature distribution and stability

. Homogeneous temperature distribution with double walled special cell

. Homogeneous temperature distribution with adjustable ventilation flap

. Glass door for the observation of samples without temperature change inside the incubator

. Safety thermostat