Cabins And Bathrooms
Cabins And Bathrooms
  • Explanation
  • Technical specification
  • . Three models with different work table widths: 90 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm
  • . Type II; Accurate and high level protection for the user, environment and product
  • . Digitally displayed air flow rate from Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with microprocessor control system
  • . Main and exhaust HEPA filter for 0.3 m particles at 99.999% efficiency
  • . Alarms for power failure, open window, low and high air flow rate
  • . Excellent air tightness thanks to automatic window
  • . User-friendly operation with silent fan motor and optimal light intensity
  • . Smooth stainless steel cabinet surface and rounded corners for convenient handling and easy cleaning
  • . HEPA filter prolongs lifetime by recirculating 70% of air passing through HEPA filter
  • . Total working time / life and countdown timing of UV lamp,
  • . Total running time, Timer and HEPA filter life display