Sieving Test Equipment
Sieving Test Equipment
Reporting Module
  • Explanation
  • Technical specification

Say-Lab REPORTING MODULE has been developed and produced for the purpose of accurate and fast solution by reducing the time that is valuable today.

  • Recipe is prepared
  • Screen selection is made.
  • The tare of the selected sieves is placed on the balance above the reporting module and the tare is carried out from small to large. It is automatically stored.
  • The product to be analyzed is placed on the sieves and recorded
  • If the reporting device is connected to the SV200 vibrating screening device, sieving is done by entering Press, Vibration and Time from the panel.
  • If there is an external screening device, screening may be performed there
  • It is placed on the scales in order with the sieved material sieves to be on the top and the registration process is done automatically.
  • After the last screen is placed on the balance and recorded by pressing the report button between the screens and AFS is calculated
  • The report can be printed out via USB or printer. Accordingly, the graph is given.
  • POWER: 220V / 110/50 / 60Hz.
  • WEIGHT: 2.2K
  • PANEL: 7 ”Touch Scree
  • SIZE: Width 220mm Width 450mm Height 220mm