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The Say-Lab SV 200 vibrating screening device is used for separating grain sized products from each other and reporting according to standards.

Produced to analyze sand, gravel, cement, calcite, gypsum, food products more quickly.


Screening with 200 mm and 203 mm diameters

  • grain size from 40 microns to 30mm products
  • Ability to analyze from 1 to 10 sieves
  • Two different options as sieve clamping mechanism with screw and special scissors
  • Digital adjustment of time
  • Vibration is performed with severe digital displays.
  • The vibration part has a special magnetic field and can rotate up and down.
  • Calibrated screens are used.
  • Recording with recipe mode
  • Thanks to the reporting module, time, vibration intensity and recipe can be entered from the external panel.
  • Vacuum model is available with specially designed screen vacuum table. Suction time is reduced by 70% with the Vacuum Model. The vacuum setting is available and the vacuum value is read from the display.
  • Different brands of sieves can be used with interchangeable adapter.


  • POWER: 220V / 110/50 / 60Hz.
  • WEIGHT: 42 KG.
  • SCREENING RANGE: 40Micron 30mm
  • ANALYSIS RANGE: 0.1 to 2000gr.
  • SCREENING TIME: 0.10sec to 99 hours
  • SIZE: Width 350mm Width 400mm Height 200mm