Sieving Test Equipment
Sieving Test Equipment
SV-200 Vibrating Sieving Device (Sieve Shaker) (Watery Type)
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Say-Lab SV 200 vibratory sieving device and Sieve Shaker/Machine are used for separating grain-sized products from each other and reporting according to standards.

It is produced to analyze sand, gravel, cement, calcite, gypsum, food products faster.


  • Sieving with 200mm and 203mm diameter sieves
  • Ability to analyze products with grain size from 40 microns to 30mm
  • Ability to analyze a maximum of 1 to 10 sieves
  • The sieve tightening mechanism is screwed and there are two different options as special scissors.
  • Time setting is done digitally
  • Vibration is done with intense digital indicators.
  • The vibration part has the feature of up and down and rotating with a special magnetic field.
  • Calibrated sieves are used.
  • Recording feature with recipe mode
  • Thanks to the reporting module, features such as time, vibration intensity, recipe can be entered from the external panel.
  • It is available in vacuum model with specially designed sieve vacuum table. With the Vacuum Model, the sieving time is shortened by 70%. Vacuum setting is available and the vacuum value is read from the display as analog.
  • With its changeable adapter, sieves of different brands can be used.


  • POWER: 220V/110/50/60Hz.
  • WEIGHT: 42 KG.
  • SCREENING RANGE: 40Micron 30mm
  • ANALYSIS RANGE: 0.1 to 2000gr.
  • SCREENING TIME: Between 0.10s and 99 hours
  • SIZE : Width 350mm Width 400mm Height 200mm