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  • Technical specification

STU-T-500N Universal computerized electronic tensile tester is manufactured in accordance with ASTM, ISO, DIN, GB and other international standards.

Used for tensile, compression, bending, cutting and bending testing in metal, rubber, plastic, textile, construction industry. This device is also used in relevant industrial organizations, research and development centers, test institutes and training centers.


  • Model: STU-T-500N
  • Max. Load: 25 kN 2500 kg
  • Load Resolution: 1/500 000
  • Load Range: 0.2% -100%
  • Load sensitivity:> 0.5%
  • Test speed: 0.05 / 500mm / min
  • Precision: 0.01mm
  • Pulling area: 600 mm
  • Breaking area: 600 mm
  • Test width: 350 mm
  • Dimensions: 350X600X1300 mm
  • Power Input: 380 Vac 50 Hz.
  • Weight (kg): 123 kg

This machine has double column and double cavity structure. The upper gap is used for tensile testing, the lower area is used for compression and bending test. Drive control is done by servo motor.


  1. Overload protection function (Over current, Over voltage, Relocation limit, Emergency stop).
  2. Automatic stop feature when the test phase is over.
  3. Mechanical zero adjustment, automatic power measurement, Zero adjustment calibration.
  4. All control parameters can be entered via the control panel. Different tests can be selected on the control panel.
  5. You can transmit, save and print data via internet interface. Built-in enterprise can connect to LAN and internet.
  6. You can edit the output data as a report and print